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Vincent Rain new project Opus Aeneid featuring Mistheria on Harpsichord

My Baroque Harpsichord contributed to the new awesome album by super-talented guitarist and friend of mine Vincent Rain (also member in Vivaldi Metal Project).

His new instrumental project OPUS AENEID - Symphonic Poem for Electric Guitar - is a true masterwork!

Vincent Rain

This instrumental orchestral work is devoted to the wanderings of Aeneas, the last Trojan warrior. On the Mediterranean Sea, Aeneas and his fellow Trojans flee from their home city of Troy, which has been destroyed by the Greeks. They sail for Italy, where Aeneas is destined to found Rome. His tale would be heralded as a national epic.

The whole work (just as the Virgil's original epic) consists of two volumes each of them consisting of twelve books (45 tracks in summary).

Special thanks to Trilogy Chamber Orchestra.

Here's the track that I've recorded based on Vivaldi's Violin Concert in G min RV323 and titled Fata Deum.


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