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Mistheria is a Pianist, Keyboardist, Keytarist and Organist, Producer, and Composer from Italy, engaged both in Classical and Rock/Metal genres.


After his graduation - with full score - at the Music Conservatory in the "Organ and Composition" course, Mistheria started his career as solo artist, session player, and producer.

He boasts numerous and prestigious collaborations, both in studio and live, with many international artists and groups, among them such sensations as Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Roy Z (Rob Halford), Rob Rock (Chris Impellitteri), Mike Portnoy, Steve Di Giorgio (Testament), Jeff Scott Soto, Mike Terrana, Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Mark Boals (Ring of Fire), Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah), John West (Artension, Royal Hunt), Chris Caffery (Savatage), Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai), Jennifer Batten (M. Jackson), just to name a few. 

His discography counts more than 100 albums including his own productions and other bands ranging from Classical to Metal, from New-Age to Soundtracks, from Pop to Rock.

Mistheria is the creator and producer of the all-star Symphonic-Metal band

Vivaldi Metal Project, and also member of international bands Artlantica and Joe Stump's Tower of Babel.

Also, he works as producer, arranger, sound-creator/designer, teacher, endorser, and demonstrator for several hardware/software music brands. 


Male, Italian.


Keyboardist, Pianist, Organist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Teacher, Demonstrator.


Mistheria begins his music studies at seven, thanks to my father's passion and the tuition of the family’s friend and composer/accordionist M° Marco Aurelio Pisegna. I studied Accordion, Piano, Keyboards, Harmony, Theory and Solfeggio. Afterwards, he graduated, with full score, in "Organ and Organ Composition" at Music Conservatory "A. Casella" (L’Aquila - Italy) under the guidance of teacher Annamaria Polcaro and Paolo Cerasoli.


He also studied “Solfeggio and Theory of Music” with teacher Laura Bianchini, "Electronic Composition", "Computer Music" and "Experimental Composition" with M° Alessandro Sbordoni, "Electronic Music, MIDI, Digital Audio" with M° Michelangelo Lupone, "History of Music" with M° Pietro Acquafredda, "Counterpoint and Fugue" with M° Paolo Cerasoli, "Gregorian Chant and Organ Improvisation" with M° Giandomenico Piermarini.


Piano, Keyboards, Keytar, Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion.


Sound Programming, Computer-Music, Audio Mixing and Mastering.


Almost everything (Classical, Rock, Pop, Metal, Progressive, New-Age, Theatre, …) but never performed a jazz concert and, maybe, it will never happen.



Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, Giacomo Puccini, Deep Purple, Emerson Like & Palmer.



Does not include appearances as soloist and keyboardist on TV and Radio programs.

(2022) Vivaldi Metal Project "EpiClassica" tour

(2020) Caterina Nix's "Chaos Magic" European tour (support to Visions of Atlantis)

(2019) Mark Boals - "Trilogy" anniversary Japan tour

(2018) Vivaldi Metal Project "The Four Seasons" electric show European tour

(2017) Vivaldi Metal Project "The Four Seasons" unplugged show Italian tour

(2017) Kitee International Music and Art Festival - Vivaldi Metal Project's "The Four Seasons" unplugged

(2016) Mark Boals sings Y. Malmsteen's "Trilogy" - 30th anniversary Italian tour

(2016) Edu Falaschi [Angra] - 25th Anniversary Italian Tour

(2016) METAL FOR KIDS all-star charity jam - (Rome, Italy)

(2015) Edu Falaschi [Angra] - 25th Anniversary Italian Tour

(2014) Zagreb Guitar Show w/ Ivan Mihaljevic's Side Effects (Zagreb, Croatia)

(2014) KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival (Zagreb, Croatia)

(2011) Zagreb Guitar Show (Zagreb, Croatia)

(2011) Mistheria - Keys of Eternity - presentation concert (Luco Dei Marsi, Italy)
(2010) Mistheria - Solo Piano (Luco Dei Marsi, Italy)
(2009) Mistheria - Solo Piano (4-hand piano: Ivana Greguric - Zagreb, Croatia)
(2009) Mistheria - Solo Piano (Pescina, Italy)
(2008) Mistheria - Non Solo Piano Tour (Italy)
(2008) Emir Hot & John West - Live in Split (Split, Croatia)
(2008) Vitalij Kuprij’s Revenge with Doogie White (Roma, Italy)
(2008) Maqueta Rock with Dino Fiorenza (Roma, Italy)
(2008) Neil Zaza Asia Tour 2008
(2008) Mistheria - ProgHead Festival in Budapest (Hungary)
(2007) Neil Zaza - One Silent Night 2007 - A night at the palace (Cleveland, USA)
(2007) Neil Zaza - Ohio Club Tour (Ohio, USA)
(2007) Mistheria - Solo Piano Tour (Italy)
(2007) Neil Zaza - When gravity falls - Italy Summer Tour
(2007) Neil Zaza - When gravity falls - Italy Spring Tour
(2006) Anna Tatangelo - Italy Tour
(2005) Anna Tatangelo - Italy Tour
(2004) Anna Tatangelo - Italy Tour
(2003) Anna Tatangelo - Italy Tour
(2004) Rock Festival (Totem - Roma, Italy)
(2003) Monica Cherubini - Italy Tour
(2002) Monica Cherubini - Italy Tour
(2003) Southern Cross - Stratovarius Official cover band - Italy Tour
(2002) Southern Cross - Stratovarius Official cover band - Italy Tour
(2001) Southern Cross - Stratovarius Official cover band - Italy Tour
(2002) Dream Theater official convention (Roma, Italy)
(2002) Tony MacAlpine & Virgil Donati (Roma, Italy)
(2001) Mistheria guest appearances (Orlando, USA - Los Angeles, USA)
(2001) Neil Zaza - Starring at the sun - Italy Winter Tour
(2000) Gigi Sabani - La sai l’ultima - Italy Summer Tour
(2000) Raffaella Cavalli - Italy Summer Tour
(1999) Ssergio Meogrossi - Goodbye Novecento (Italy)
(1999) O.R.O. - Tour (Italy)
(1998) O.R.O. - Tour (Italy)
(1997) Sergio Meogrossi - The Divine Comedy (Italy)
(1997) Mistheria - Concert for Piano and Accordion (Budapest, Hungary)
(1997) Mistheria - Imperator Tour (Italy)
(1996) Mistheria - Metamorphosis Tour (Italy)
(1992 ~ 2003) Mistheria - Concerts as Pianist and Organist (Italy)
(1992 ~ 2003) S. Meogrossi & Fabio Bussotti - Viva l’Italia! (Italy)

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