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Violist Marina Barskaya releases HEARTSTRINGS also featuring Mistheria and Wild Queens.

OUT NOW! April 17th 2021

"HEARTSTRINGS" is an instrumental, delicate yet intense piece, full of nuances, passionate and steeped in emotions.

Wonderful soloist viola player Marina Barskaya magically leads us through the deepest emotions that come straight from the "Heartstrings". Also, featuring Wild Queens string quartet and Mistheria on piano.

Heartstrings ft. Marina Barskaya, Mistheria, and Wild Queens

Available on all major music platforms for streaming and downloading: and many more...

Composed by Goran Alwis Babić. Arranged and produced by Mistheria.

Co-produced by Drago Smokrović.

Mixed by Drago Smokrović and Srđan Sekulović.

Mastered by Drago Smokrović.

Wild Queens string quartet: Cristina Constantinescu (violin 1), Ekaterina Philippovich (violin 2), Marina Barskaya (viola), Ekaterina Berezan (cello).

Backing Vocals: Jadranka Kristof, Natasa Mirkovic, Dragan Brnas, Vladimir Pavelic.