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Dreams - Official Album Trailer

Hi my friends! Here's the OFFICIAL ALBUM TRAILER for my upcoming album "DREAMS" that will be released on October 22nd 2020.

PRE-ORDER your LIMITED EDITION CD (it includes digital booklet, official poster, and signed photo by Mistheria) at


Angel Wolf - Black, Beatrice Bini, Caterina Nix and Chaos Magic, Chiara Tricarico, Tsena Stefanova, Viktorie Surmøvá (vocals) - Cristina Paola Bruno (oboe) - Sanda Mašić (flute) - Emilia Di Pasquale- pianist, composer (piano) - Julie Bélanger Roy, Lisa Agnelli (violin) - Julie Bélanger Roy, Maryna Lepiasevich (viola) - Rebecka Ericsson (cello) - Wild Queens (strings) - Abigail Stahlschmidt (narrator). Thank you, music regards! Mistheria


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