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The Vivaldi Metal Project is looking for two arrangers.

The Vivaldi Metal Project is looking for two arrangers.

Are you an arranger? Do you like Metal? Do you like Classical/Baroque music? Do you like Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece “The Four Seasons” ? Do you like epic and majestic music? Let’s get started… It’s your chance to show your talent and skills and to be part of this great All-Metal-Stars project!

To enter the contest, please read details here:

[1] Here you can listen the Vivaldi’s original piece “Spring – 3rd movement, Allegro, RV 269” (as performed by Miroslav Vilímec, violin with the Symphony Prague Orchestra conducted by Stefan Britvik: . If you need the original score, you can get it here:,_RV_269_(Vivaldi,_Antonio) . This is the part that you need to arrange to enter the contest. Keep the original score only as your reference when making YOUR Metal arrangement for the Vivaldi Metal Project.

[2] Your arrangement style should include all or a combination of these instruments: drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, choir, vocals, back vocals, choir. Use strings sparingly, and not for the main parts or themes (we don’t need another original version, it is already well done by Vivaldi).

As idea, the arrangement should be a combination between elements included in the Vivaldi’s score and new original parts written by you. You don’t need to follow the original score 100%, but keep it as “guide-line” , then make it yourself.

[3] When you’re ready with the work, please send the MP3 as download link to (do not upload the MP3 directly to our inbox, use dropbox, mediafire or similar services, thanks).

For any additional info, you can contact us:

Last but not least: be sure to make it METAL and nothing less than EPIC!

Thanks, good luck!

The “Vivaldi Metal Project” staff


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