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'Storm In Human Form' All-Star Epic Metal Show In Bulgaria

Updated: May 22, 2023


I'm so thrilled to share the stage with amazing musicians and friends for two epic concerts in Bulgaria, on June 23rd in Sofia and on June 24th in Burgas.

If you get the chance, don't miss this special event! 🤘🔥

Storm in Human Form - Bulgaria 2023 featuring Jeff Scott Soto, Snowy Shaw, Mats Leven, Tsena Koev, Mistheria

"Storm In Human Form" gathers together world-class musicians on one stage with songs from Therion, Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sons of Apollo, Talisman, Vivaldi Metal Project and many more, as well as classic Rock and Metal hits reworked with exciting new arrangements.

This exclusive and special show, that will drive fans crazy, will take place in Bulgaria, on June 23rd in Sofia and on June 24th 2023 in Burgas. Fans will be able to hear the talent of musicians who have participated in legendary groups such as Yngwie Malmsteen, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Candlemass, Sons of Apollo, Therion, Bruce Dickinson, Vivaldi Metal Project and other fantastic projects.

On stage:

Jeff Scott Soto (Sons of Apollo, Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey, Talisman, Axel Rudi Pell)

Mats Levén (Therion, Candlemass, Yngwie Malmsteen)

Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Therion, Dimmu Borgir)

Tsena Koev (Kristal Bardess, Vivaldi Metal Project, Tsena Koev)

Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Vivaldi Metal Project)

Leonardo Porcheddu (Vivaldi Metal Project)

Alexander Slavchev (Beloslava, Grafa, Lili Ivanova)

Nik Nikolaev (Thomas, Stanley, Slavin Slavchev)

Anton Piperov (Caliberty, Fat Bertha, Fool Circle)

Nia May (Overheat, Hammer Dance, Early May)

Gothic metal band Ghost Warfare will open the event and perform songs from their fourth album.


Doors 19:00 / Start 20:00

Sofia (June 23) @ Joy Station

Burgas (June 24) @ Summer Theatre

[Event supported by Metal Hangar 18]

[InfinityHeavy press office]


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