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Mark Boals sings Trilogy Italian tour | Final thoughts

Mistheria and Mark Boals

I'd love to thank the legendary singer and amazing friend Mark Boals for awesome shows and fantastic time together we had during the MARK BOALS sings Trilogy 30th anniversary Italian Tour 2016!

We had fun and rocked on stage together, an extraordinary journey over Italy marked by real friendship and love for music and metal! I've been working with Mark on my previous albums but the emotion and feeling that only the stage can give is unmatched! Play with/for such an awesome artist on stage is a great honor and pleasure, somehow inexpressible but deep and strong!

We're looking forward to new music adventures and we'd love to share them with you as soon as possible!! Stay tuned and thanks also to everyone attended our shows and/or followed the tour online.

Thanks again Mark for making it happen, YOU ROCK!! \m/


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