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Wildly testing IK Multimedia Amplitube Leslie®

Still excited after installation, I've just wildly improvised this "vintage" demo of IK Multimedia / IK Multimedia Italia "AmpliTube Leslie®".

You can use it to record in your DAW or to play live as I do in this video. Its sound is mind blowing!

Check this state-of-art plugin that recreates a the truly authentic sound of the legendary Leslie® amps and cabinets in the digital world:

In this demo, also in use GSi VB3 Virtual Tonewheel Organ (, Cantabile Performer VST-host (, CME Pro Z-key (

Tunes with backing track at 1:12 and 3:20 written by Dave Limina, taken from his book "Hammond Organ Complete" (© 2002 Berklee Press).


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