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Wild Dance composed for Innovative String Quartet is out

Last year, I had the huge pleasure to compose and arrange a song for ISQ, amazing and wonderful string quartet with whom, since years, I collaborate on several albums.

"Wild Dance" is an instrumental piece masterfully performed by these four "wild queens".

The song has been release today, April 30th 2020, on all major platforms via Sifare Music Publishing.

Short "behind-the-composition": I was inspired by an imaginary wild soul searching for a treasure, the "gold fire" that, once reached, connects soul and heart. Lost and desperated in the urban-jungle, this "son of the money" invokes the spirit of the gods and starts a tribal dance to make this love dream coming true... ✨

It's available on all major music platforms for streaming and downloading:





also on Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, and many others.

Wild Dance - performed by ISQ composed by Mistheria
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