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Vivaldi Metal Project - Vocal Cover Contest launched!

VIvaldi Metal Project are proud to announce the first ever Vivaldi Metal Project VOCAL COVER CONTEST to celebrate the upcoming release of our NEW EP “The Extended Sessions”. If your passion is singing, make your “extended session” and be part of this new exciting chapter of Vivaldi Metal Project epic journey!

Record a video of your performance of your song “Vita” (track #3 on our album “The Four Seasons”, we’ll provide you a backing track to sing along) and send it to us from now until December 17!

The winner will get the video published on our YouTube channel and social networks and will receive the following prizes: - Vivaldi Metal Project “The Four Seasons” CD - Vivaldi Metal Project “The Four Seasons” Vinyl - Vivaldi Metal Project “The Extended Sessions” EP - Vivaldi Metal Project “T-Shirt” - Vivaldi Metal Project “Sticker” plus “Signed Photo” by creator/producer Mistheria

The winner will be chosen by producer Mistheria and our kapellmeister Zhivko Koev and announced on December 17, 2017.

If you are interested in participating in this unique and exciting contest contact us or send an email to or a message on our Facebook page.

Sing epically metal!!! \m/


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