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Vivaldi Metal Project - THE FOUR SEASONS - Medley Live Unplugged - World Premiere!

Vivaldi Metal Project's "THE FOUR SEASONS" live unplugged WORLD PREMIERE concert at "Kitee International Music and Art Festival" on July 15th, 2018 - Kiteesali (Kitee, Finland).


Mistheria (piano), Abigail Stahlschmidt (violin), Angel Wolf - Black, Dimitar Belchev, Tsena Stefanova (vocals), Joonas Tuuri (contrabass).

Produced by Mistheria.


Plamen Dimov (event manager), Samppa Hirvonen (sound engineering), Adrian Olebinski (digital artwork), Zhivko Koev (producer assistant and digital artwork sync), Ukko Torni (video recording and live streaming), Joonas Tarkkonen (light designer).

We'd like to thank the wonderful audience from all over the world that made it an amazing and memorable show!


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