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Vivaldi Metal Project | Pre-Order For New Album 'EpiClassica' Has Started

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

PRE-ORDER "EpiClassica" NOW!

PRE-ORDER for Vivaldi Metal Project NEW ALBUM "EpiClassica" officially opens on December 2nd 2021. By heading to it is possible to pre-order "EpiClassica" and immediately receive (via download code) the digital version of "Dreams" album by Mistheria as a gift PLUS a 20% discount code for the purchase of any product in our online store! This exclusive offer is valid until 20/2/22. Those who pre-order will receive the digital version of "EpiClassica" on the same day as the official release on 22/2/22 and priority delivery of the physical version of the album (digipak). PRE-ORDER NOW Thanks everyone and stay epic! 🤘💙💛

Vivaldi Metal Project - EpiClassica PRE-ORDER


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