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Vivaldi Metal Project's New Album 'EpiClassica' Track-List Announced!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

After three years of intense and continuous work, we are reaching the finish line and I can't wait to let you hear the result of Vivaldi Metal Project's new album "EpiClassica" which collects the immense talent of 170 musicians involved including soloists, orchestras, and choirs.

"EpiClassica" is a double-disc, 18 tracks for about 100 minutes of music. Here's the OFFICIAL TRACK-LIST!

There’s still little time left until the end (July 31st 2021) of the funding campaign for the new record. By heading to the following link you can PRE-ORDER the album along with EXCLUSIVE PRIZES that will only be available during this campaign:

Record label and release date will be announced soon!

Vivaldi Metal Project - EpiClassica track-list announced


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