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Vivaldi Metal Project - EpiClassica 'Royal Overture' Official Video

'Royal Overture' official video released

Vivaldi Metal Project announce that "ROYAL OVERTURE", the third video single taken from their new album "EpiClassica", is out now via YouTube:

"The search for someone or something makes our life a labyrinth of hearts and a crossroads of dreams. Without this path, our existence would be a sad passage without colors, devoid of feelings. The union of a common and shared goal makes us immortal, driven by the fire of passion. We all aspire to make our life a "royal overture" to the palace of desires…"

"EpiClassica" was released on 22/2/2022 by Mistheria Productions, it’s available for streaming/downloading on all major music platforms and as physical version (CD/Vinyl) at


Composed and arranged by Rossano Capriotti

Vocals: Elina Siirala

Guitars: Roger Staffelbach, Francesco Corapi

Keyboards: Mistheria

Lead Violin: Abigail Stahlschmidt

Strings: Zagrebački salonski ansambl

Contrabass: Nicola Angileri

Percussions: Tony Liotta

Orchestra written and arranged by Rossano Capriotti.