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VIVALDI METAL PROJECT | Crowdfunding Campaign End

Dear pledgers/friends,

After one year, the VIVALDI METAL PROJECT crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic is reaching the end. The campaign closes tomorrow, June 20th.

It's been an amazing, extraordinary and “symphonic” journey, a successful experience with you all! If this project saw the light and became real, it's thank to all of you who have pledged and joined in the discussions and followed us constantly with enthusiasm and passion!

We are now preparing the CDs, the signed CDs, the autographed photos and all other pledges, so those who ordered them should receive them in the next few days depending on your location.

On behalf of the Vivaldi Metal Project, the co-producer Alberto Rigoni, the staff and all the artists involved, I'll be forever grateful for such amazing support which has been nothing less than epic!

Keep following us and, again, we made it because YOU made it! You rock and we’ll love you forever!

Sincerely, Mistheria


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