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Vivaldi Metal Project - Breaking news! Live premiere in Rome with Mark Boals!

The first Vivaldi Metal Project's "The Four Seasons" song ever performed live will happen during the MARK BOALS sings Trilogy 30th anniversary Italian Tour 2016 at the preview of Metal For Kids, United - All Star Charity Jam in Rome (Jailbreak live club) on December 7, 2016!

The Vivaldi Metal Project ( is a Symphonic-Metal Opera conceived and produced by Mistheria, a remake of Antonio Vivaldi’s legendary masterwork “The Four Seasons”.

The song "The Age of Dreams" (1st mov. of Autumn, track 8) arranged by Frank Caruso will be performed on stage by song's original singer Mark Boals with Mistheria (keyboards), Titta Tani (drums), Dino Fiorenza (bass), Leonardo Porcheddu (guitar), Angel Wolf-Black (backing vocals).

Opening bands: Stage of Reality, Timestorm, Aeternum

Thanks to SoundsRock Agency, Brothel of Sound, Titta Tani, Fabertroy Entertainment, JAILBREAK LiveClub, GerMusica Promotion, Pride & Joy Music.

Info event: Wednesday, December 7 at 9pm JAILBREAK LiveClub Via Tiburtina 870, 00159 Rome, Italy +39 06 406 2768

Ticket: EUR 10

Here's the official trailer of the song "The Age Of Dreams":

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