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'Tragic Serenade' World Premiere by Vivaldi Metal Project (video/lyrics)

"TRAGIC SERENADE" World Premiere at Kitee International Music and Art Festival (Finland) on July 15th 2018. A new song by Vivaldi Metal Project based on Franz Schubert's "Serenade" arranged and composed by Mistheria.

Concept and Production by Mistheria. Lyrics by Douglas R. Docker. Digital Artwork by Adrian Olebinski. Production Assistance by Zhivko Koev.

Performers: Angel Wolf - Black, Dimitar Belchev, Tsena Stefanova (vocals) - Abigail Stahlschmidt (violin) - Mistheria (piano) - Quentin Cornet (guitar) - Joonas Tuuri (contrabass).

Staff: Samppa Hirvonen (audio), Joonas Tarkkonen (lights), Ukko Torni (video), Zhivko Koev (digital artwork live sync), Plamen Dimov (management).

Thanks to City of Kitee, Kitee International Music and Art Weeks, everyone involved in this concert. Special thanks to the wonderful audience!

I'm glad to share the lyrics with you all and thank again the mighty Douglas R. Docker for another literary masterwork!

Some months ago, I chose the wonderful Franz Schubert's masterpiece "Serenade" to be included in the new Vivaldi Metal Project's album.

The melody idea started together with some words popping out in my mind. I came up with the first four rows of this text, based on a true story. The next day, I called the lyric-master Douglas R. Docker to continue and develop my rough idea/concept giving words to this my new arrangement/composition for the Vivaldi Metal Project.

That's how "Tragic Serenade" was born.

Vivaldi Metal Project - Tragic Serenade - Lyrics


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