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StratofortresS - 'Anthems of the World' album (featuring Mistheria) released

StratofortresS project album "Anthems of the World" (official tribute to Stratovarius) has been released by Infinite Records.

I'm glad to be featured together with many amazing artists!

You can order your CD copy at or listen to it at where you can listen the album and also buy it or a single track using this discount code (10% OFF): mmigft2021

Thanks to Iliour Griften for inviting me to record on the song "Father Time" together with Iliour (vocals), Zoltán Árpád Liptay (guitar), Mike Lepond (bass), David Folchitto (drums).

Check it out and play it loud! 🤘

StratofortresS - Anthems of the World CD featuring Mistheria


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