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Mark Boals Japan Tour 2019

The MARK BOALS JAPAN TOUR just ended, it was a real blast!! 🤘💥

I would like to thank the great team that made this tour real: Tomosaka Matsumoto supported by Shawn & Vicky Tsujii, the stage tech Sasaki Yoshihito and all the crew, our official photographer Hikaru Ota, and all the local promoters/staff.

A huge thanks to my long time brother, the mighty Mark Boals with which I had another superb live experience!

Thanks to the impressive band I had the huge pleasure to perform with: the phenomenal Kelly SIMONZ, the solid and massive rhythmic session featuring Kaz Nakamura and Yosuke Yamada, and the wonderful backing singer Karena. We've just created a dream-band!

I would like to hug all my/our fantastic Japanese fans that attended our show and/or that followed and supported the tour. We love you! 🙏❤️

To be continued... The DREAM MUST GO ON! 🔥


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