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Keith McMillen endorsement: 12STEP foot-controller

I'm excited to announce my new endorsement with Keith McMillen instruments!

Keith McMillen develops innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways. Based in Berkeley, California, KMI's products provide today's musician with the tools needed to bring new dimensions of expression and control to their performance like my 12STEP!

12STEP is a road-proof, brilliantly backlit MIDI keyboard foot controller. Designed to be ultraportable and fit in a backpack or gig bag!

12 STEP’s keys can trigger individual notes, 5-note chords, clips, backing tracks, and give you control over parameters such as pitch bend and volume. By putting the keys at your feet, 12STEP gives you the power to add depth to your performance, even if both hands are tied up. Its rugged build and lack of moving parts ensures 12STEP will be an essential part of my rig for years to come!


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