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Joe Stump's Tower of Babel announced at Mennecy Metal Festival 2022

Joe Stump's Tower of Babel return to the stage!

After almost 4 years the band announces their first live appearance since 2018. With new recordings in progress the 5 members of JSTOB will appear at the Mennecy Metal Fest near Paris, France, on September 16, 2022.

With the new addition of singer Jo Amore the band sees a promising future and is looking forward to more shows and a new album release. Rumours say that two new songs will be released by early September...

Joe Stump's Tower of Babel

Catch JSTOB live and send us your requests where you would like to see the band perform live! Joe Stump Jo Amore Mistheria N I c Angileri Mark Cross

Joe Stump's Tower of Babel - Mennecy Metal Festival 2022


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