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How to keep following my Facebook posts ...

Facebook "drives" the posts in some way for some reasons, the so called "Facebook’s organic reach decline" ... Therefore, if you want to keep following my feed and get notifications, here three ways to go:

1) You can click to view your ‘Pages Feed’ on the left sidebar of your News Feed to see content from Pages you've liked.

2) You can ‘Get Notifications’ from the Page you liked, just clicking on "Get notifications" selecting this option on the Page's "Liked" button.

3) Best way, in my opinion, is that you engage with my posts when you do see them, so you will see more of them.

Thanks, hope to hear from you because my fans (YOU!) are a great and important part of my Music!

If you didn't, you can Like and/or click on "Get Notifications" and/or "See my Posts" accessing my

All the best,




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