GSi VB3-II Tonewheel Organ Simulator features factory presets by Mistheria

So rockin' proud that the brand new VB3-II Tonewheel Organ Simulator by GSi features 35 presets "Mistheria signature"

VB3-II is out now! The "MM" marked presets are programmed by me based on my experience on this superb instrument that, since years, I keep playing both in studio and on stage. From softness to heavy distortion, it's a real sound-monster!

VB3-II is the result of almost 15 years of study, research, experimentation and development of the simulation of a vintage Hammond B3 organ. It is the evolution of the GSi VB3 1.4 with a new sound, a new parameter set, endless possibility of sound customization.

Special thanks to GSi CEO Guido Scognamiglio for having wanted me part of this new amazing release!

Check it out:

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