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GEMINI album | Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal in!

My long time friend Ron Bumblefoot Thal (we already collaborated together on my album "Messenger of the Gods" on 2002) as well as Guns N' Roses band member (on this photo here we met at the Guns N' Roses concert in Zagreb, Croatia, a couple years ago), is going to record a guitar solo on a crazy song which absolutely requires Ron's amazing and unmatched playing skills, it's the Rimsky-Korsakov's legendary "Flight of the Bumblebee" piece which I've arranged as Metal version (of course ;-) for my new instrumental metal albumGEMINI which will be released later this year featuring John Macaluso (drums), Roger Staffelbach (guitar),Steve DiGiorgio (bass). It will be a breathtaking duet between me and Bumblefoot, I'll try to match his top-class performance ... it's not easy my friends!


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