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GEMINI album | Bassist DINO FIORENZA joins!

I'm really proud and happy to announce that my longtime friend and "made in Italy" virtuoso bass player Dino Fiorenza started the recordings on my new instrumental Metal album GEMINI. Dino will record a total of five songs and he has already recorded one of them, this is my Metal arrangement of the well known classical piece "Flight of the Bumbleee" (by Rimsky-Korsakov). It has been an amazing, powerful and top-class performance that left me breathless!

Here what Dino says: "I've always wanted to join a great album made by a great musician, the time has come! I am very delighted to announce my participation in the making of the new instrumental Metal album GEMINI by the extraordinary keyboardist Mistheria ... Mistheria thanks for giving me the opportunity to be on board!


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