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Full Keytar Show Live at ProgHead Festival 2008 in Budapest

For the first time, I've published my FULL KEYTAR SHOW at ProgHead Festival in Budapest (Hungary) where I've performed on Jan 13rd, 2008.

SONG-LIST 00:15 - Lord Of The Sky (Mistheria) 02:23 - Hands Of Fire (Mistheria) 03:38 - Angels In The Shadow (Mistheria) 09:10 - Adagio in G minor (T. Albinoni) 12:28 - My Dear Chopin (Mistheria) 17:53 - Hungarian Dance n.5 (J. Brahms) 18:33 - Far Beyond The Sun (Y. Malmsteen) 24:33 - Prayer To God (Mistheria) 29:25 - Devil's Steps (Mistheria) 34:34 - One Day In Heaven (Mistheria) 38:35 - Restless Mind (Mistheria) 45:45 - Eclipse (Y. Malmsteen) [Please, note that this is a fan-made recording, audio was recorded by handheld cameras] My instrumental songs are included in my albums "Messenger Of The Gods" (2004 - Lion Music) and "Gemini" (2017 - Rockshots Records) and available at and on all major digital platforms. For all those who are interested, my "Keytar Masterclass" is available at:


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