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DREAMS - 'Forever' [trailer]

ELEGY #2 "Forever" (snippet) featuring:

Mistheria - music, lyrics, keyboards

Abigail Stahlschmidt - narrator

Maryna Lepiasevich - viola

"Dreams" album features thirteen original compositions, as well as a classical cover, in keeping with the tradition of my past piano albums.

"Dreams are such an important part of our lives; in dreams, we plant the seeds of our future. As such, it is my hope that this album inspires you not only to keep your dreams alive, but to turn the impossible into reality."

Artwork by Martti Rosendahl.

Thanks to Modartt Pianoteq, iZotope Iris 2, IK Multimedia / IK Multimedia Italia T-RackS, KAWAI Europa GmbH / Kawai Pianos MP8.


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