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CME Pro WIDI Master live broadcast with Jordan Rudess, Mistheria, Brandon R. Simpson

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I'm very glad to be part of this amazing event by CME Pro about

"Remote Events & Advanced Productions"

Live music & gear talk with special guests:

CME Pro 🔴🎬 Live Broadcast #REAP

Sunday March 29th. Due to the "Summer Time" change, live broadcast will start 12:00pm (USA/ES) and in EUrope at 17:00 GMT (London time) or 18:00 CET (Rome time).

Here's the replay:

With moderator Thomas Gerbrands and CME Pro CEO Zhao Yitian (China) talking about the successful launch of WIDI MASTER, the wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter!

WIDI Master Jordan Rudess Mistheria Brandon Rico Simpson

Share that link if you like and see you!


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