CME Pro WIDI Master live broadcast with Jordan Rudess, Mistheria, Brandon R. Simpson

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I'm very glad to be part of this amazing event by CME Pro about

"Remote Events & Advanced Productions"

Live music & gear talk with special guests:

Jordan Rudess (US)

Mistheria (EU)

Brandon Rico Simpson (US)

CME Pro 🔴🎬 Live Broadcast #REAP

Sunday March 29th. Due to the "Summer Time" change, live broadcast will start 12:00pm (USA/ES) and in EUrope at 17:00 GMT (London time) or 18:00 CET (Rome time).

Here's the replay:

With moderator Thomas Gerbrands and CME Pro CEO Zhao Yitian (China) talking about the successful launch of WIDI MASTER, the wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter!

Tune in here:

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