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Bruce Dickinson likes Gemini album!

The mighty Bruce Dickinson gives "iron-like" 👍 to my new GEMINI album 🤘♥️🤘

GEMINI is an instrumental metal album which collects 13 songs written and/or arranged by Mistheria in the metal, neo-classical, prog-metal genres.

GEMINI was released by Rockshots Records on December 15, 2017.

Check it out! ➤

You can also join Mistheria at Artistco platform and get GEMINI for free (together with some special gifts!) in digital version at the following link:



Mistheria - music, arrangements, keyboards

Roger Staffelbach - guitar

Leonardo Porcheddu - guitar

Ivan Mihaljevic - guitar

Steve Di Giorgio - bass

Dino Fiorenza - bass

John Macaluso - drums

special guests:

Christopher Caffery - guitar

Roy Z - guitar

Mixed and mastered by Ivan Moni Bidin at Artesonika Recording Studio (Pordenone, Italy).

Artwork and graphic design by Alexis Van Houcke.


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