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Bruce Dickinson likes Gemini album!

The mighty Bruce Dickinson gives "iron-like" 👍 to my new GEMINI album 🤘♥️🤘

GEMINI is an instrumental metal album which collects 13 songs written and/or arranged by Mistheria in the metal, neo-classical, prog-metal genres.

GEMINI was released by Rockshots Records on December 15, 2017.

You can also join Mistheria at Artistco platform and get GEMINI for free (together with some special gifts!) in digital version at the following link:


Mistheria - music, arrangements, keyboards

Roger Staffelbach - guitar

Leonardo Porcheddu - guitar

Ivan Mihaljevic - guitar

Steve Di Giorgio - bass

Dino Fiorenza - bass

John Macaluso - drums

special guests:

Christopher Caffery - guitar

Roy Z - guitar

Mixed and mastered by Ivan Moni Bidin at Artesonika Recording Studio (Pordenone, Italy).

Artwork and graphic design by Alexis Van Houcke.



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