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Artwork for my newest piano album 'Dreams'

I am extremely proud and beyond excited to present you with the official artwork for my newest piano album, “Dreams”. This album features thirteen original compositions, as well as a classical cover, in keeping with the tradition of my past piano albums.

"Dreams are such an important part of our lives; in dreams, we plant the seeds of our future. As such, it is my hope that this album inspires you not only to keep your dreams alive, but to turn the impossible into reality."

A huge thank you to Finnish photographer Martti Rosendahl, without whom this amazing cover art would not be possible.

Song-list and label will be announced soon.

Mistheria - "Dreams" album cover
Photo/Artwork by Martti Rosendahl

Featuring: Abigail Stahlschmidt, Angel Wolf-Black, Beatrice Bini, Caterina Nix, Chiara Tricarico, Cristina Paola Bruno, Emilia Di Pasquale, Julie Belanger Roy, Marina Lepesevich, Rebecka Ericsson, Sanda Masic, Tsena Stefanova, Viktorie Surmova, and ISQ String Quartet.

Song-list and label will be announced soon. Stay tuned:

Thank you, best regards! Mistheria


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