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VivaVivaldi Venezia & Vivaldi Metal Project

Excited about the new collaboration between my Vivaldi Metal Project and VivaVivaldi's "THE FOUR SEASONS MYSTERY" . More details will be unveiled soon!

VivaVivaldi Venezia

An exhibition of Images, Music and Scents produced by Emotional Experiences. For the first time in Italy (Museo Diocesano / San Marco, Venezia), an indoor true sensorial experience combining images, multi-directional sound and scent special effects tells the story of both the man and the artist Antonio Vivaldi, a visionary genius (and Rock-star as we know) of his time!If you are in Venice or closeby, you cannot miss this fantastic exhibition, unique of its kind – which will last for the next three years – about Vivaldi’s life and music!

Opening May 13, 2017. Info at


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