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Vivaldi Metal Project EP 'The Extended Sessions' out now!

The Extended Sessions” EP is the follow-up release to the extremely successful “The Four Seasons” album release by VIVALDI METAL PROJECT which hit the shelves in Summer 2016 on CD & double vinyl on Pride & Joy Music. The album up to today is one of the label’s best sellers and now being continued with this valuable EP which will shorten the waiting time for the fans until the next full album!

The Extended Sessions” includes four tracks which are centered around the group’s performance at “Kitee International Music And Art Festival” which took place in Kitee (Finland) on July 13th, 2017. Arranged by Mistheria, the performance at the “Sleeping Sun” event featured Mistheria himself on piano and Tsena Stefanova on vocals.

Tracklist: 01. “THE FOUR SEASONS” – Unplugged Trio Medley [studio Version], 02. “VITA” [original vocal session] – Spring #2 – Largo [Part 2] “Light”, 03. “VITA” [instrumental version] – Spring #2 – Largo [Part 2] “Light” 04. “THE FOUR SEASONS” – Unplugged Duo Medley [live Version]

Playing time: ~ 49 min.

Check it out: