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Vivaldi Metal Project | Crowdfunding

Help us carry on the dream making it real!

We can only do it with your precious support.

Donate now and reserve your exclusives:

The Vivaldi Metal Project is an independent project, the staff is looking for supporters who can help in reaching the needed budget for the production (recordings, mixing, mastering, etc.) through a fundraising campaign. Be part of this great and majestic project featuring some of the most acclaimed and amazing Metal stars. Be a star you too!

There are 17 really unique and great exclusives for you! You will be part of an exciting journey which only the pledgers will have access to, including EXCLUSIVE UPDATES, MUSIC and VIDEOS not available elsewhere!

Also, the staff is proud to announce that part of the income raised with the campaign will be donated to Lega del Filo D’oro which has been helping the deaf and blind for 45 years. “The assistance, education and rehabilitation of the deafblind and multisensory impaired and their reintegration into the family and society – this has been the aim of Lega del Filo d’Oro since its foundation in 1964″.


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