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Vivaldi Metal Project album out now!

I'm thrilled to announce release of Vivaldi Metal Project's "The Four Seasons" album, out today, July 22nd 2016, as CD & download!

We're getting outstanding feedback, I'm flattered by such huge and excited response about the album!! You all musicians, collaborators, fans, friends and supporters are making this album the most epic experience of my life!!!

More info and purchase links here:

Some press statements: 'When baroque music meets heavy metal and the match is perfect.' (My Globald Mind, Brazil)

'This is symphonic concept power metal of the most magnificent scope' (Planet Mosh, UK)

'This album could be seen as one of the most flamboyant projects undertaken in a good while.' (Fireworks, UK)

'This new version of „The four Seasons“ is a magnum opus and will become an instant classic.' (Radio Barbarossa, Germany)

'If it (the album) were a painting it would hang in the Louvre, it really is that magical.' (Mayfair Mall, UK)

'Fans of classical, progressive, symphonic or even metal in general will find this to be incredibly appealing.' (Mosh Pit Report, UK)

'It is an incredible piece of work.' (Powerplay, UK)

'The Vivaldi Metal Project is simply amazing and Mistheria’s vision and ability to bring in the talent required has left us with an epic blend of symphonic, orchestral, vocal, choral, and metal music, the likes of which I have never heard before.' (The Metal Resource, The Netherlands)

'A magnificent release. Ingenious!"' (Metal Factory, Switzerland)

'A perfect symbiosis of Classical Music and Modernism.' (Crossfire, Germany)

The album will also be released on double vinyl; available from September 9th, 2016!


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