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Virtual Pipe Organ PiO521 by V3Sound: Symphonia Ouverture demo

Here's a new demo showing the V3sound PiO521 PIPE ORGAN connected to two small CME ZKey/XKey keyboards w/ Keith McMillen Instruments 12Step pedal-board, a very light and portable Pipe Organ!

The PIPE ORGAN sound-board PiO521is produced by V3Sound ( in collaboration with Symphonia Concert Library (Mistheria & Roberto Scarpa Meylougan). The Pipe Organ PiO521 is a new tone generator which delivers the real Pipe Organ sound right on your keyboard! 15 charming stops and combinations have been sampled, including the majestic original acoustic of the church. You won't believe your ears!

More audio demos are now available:

Discover the Pipe Organ board PiO521 here:

Music of this demo composed and arranged by Mistheria.


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