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Song-writing for the Vivaldi Metal Project completed!

Today I've been composing, arranging and recording, for the Vivaldi Metal Project album, the 3rd part of the outro song titled "Doomsday". It's the very symphonic and epic ending which includes a "spicy" surprise... an idea that was jumping in my mind since days... and nights.. :) Hope that you'll like it and, yes, now - together with all the other songs provided by the arrangers - I'm very happy to have definitively completed the arrangement and composition of this, let me say it, highlydemanding album! An hard commitment not only for me and Alberto Rigoni but for all arrangers which are doing a tremendous job, each day, now for more than a year. All musicians, studios and sound engineers are giving all their best to provide their top-quality tracks. An impressive effort and passion for the project which I'll never forget lifelong! Thanks so much mates! A special thank to all collaborators that work on promotion and interviews "pushing-up" info, news and updates. Also, thanks to all media, magazines and webzines which promote the project opening that important "window" to our fans, supporters and friends. Thanks to anybody is showing interest in the project and would like to bring it live on stage! We're working on it as well, yes! Least but not last, thanks to all my sponsors and endorsements which provide me the best music and production tool to bring my ideas to real music. Thanks to all of you which are following the project for 2+ years with interest and passion.

Stay in touch at Yours sincerely, Mistheria


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