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Rock-Opera 'Imperator' exclusively available on Artistco

Gift to my Artistco Fans/VIPs as Happy New Year wish!

Exclusively available on Artistco (streaming and download) my album 'IMPERATOR' - my first Rock-Opera released on 1998!

Live shows were performed in Italy between 1996 and 1998 including musicians, actor, dancers and digital graphics projected.

This album includes the original version of several songs in their original version that successively I've re-arranged and included in my albums released afterwards.


  • Mistheria (keyboards, music, arrangements)

  • Fabio Colella (drums, percussions)

  • Maria Pia Di Gioia (soprano vocals)

  • Sergio Meogrossi (narrator)

  • Gianluca Fusarelli (computer graphic)

Cover art by Attilio "Attila" Crescenzi.

Only on Artistco! Go ahead:

Mistheria - Imperator Rock-Opera cover by Attilio Crescenzi


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