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John Macaluso quote about 'Gemini' album by Mistheria

John Macaluso quote about Gemini by Mistheria

"GEMINI is my third album that I played on from my bro Mistheria. We have known each other a long time and we are great friends and that shows when we record together and play together. We connect so musically we understand each other and think similar, so it is easy to work together. I think he is one of the most talented keyboardists in rock and metal today.

This new album was a blast to record and it shows in the recording. I really had a chance to play free and experiment more with the songs because it is an instrumental album. There was more space for expression because no vocals.

I know this is Mistheria's best work! Amazing songs with brilliant feel beautiful arrangements. We recorded the drums in his studio in Italy and I really got a great natural punchy drum sound. I love it!!! The drums have the perfect vibe for the music.

Mistheria really went all out on this album using influence from all his experience and all his influences, and created something huge, a brilliant and original album. There are some classic pieces and some original but on all he gave his personal touch and sound and it was so easy for me to understand his way and play together. There are a lot of unison lines we do together as well as some very free spacey sections. It is very diverse and deep.

This is his best work and I am proud to be on my brother's 3rd and best album. New Mistheria album is a great one to put on the headphones and go on a journey."

- John Macaluso

(ARK, TNT, Y. Malmsteen, SymphonyX, Labyrinth)

GEMINI was released on Dec 15, 2017 by Rockshots Records


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