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Gabriels: "Thunderbolts" (Moderato) with Mistheria as Special Guest

Exciting project "Over the Olympus" - Concerto for Synth and Orchestra in D Minor Op. 1 - by my friend and amazing composer/keyboardist Gabriels

It’s the first Concert in the world for Synth and Orchestra, a mix of Classical music and Rock-Opera. The concept is centered on the Olympus Mountain on a journey from the valley that precedes it, populated by immortal Gods, titans and giants fighting bloody battles and arriving at the magical castle, home of the Gods placed at the highest point of the mountain ...

Tracklist: 1) Tempe Valley (Andante) 2) By the Giant’s eyes (Moderato) ‘3) Titans versus Giants (Andante con moto) 4) Through White Clouds (Moderato) 5) The Magical Castle (Adagio) 6) Gods (Allegretto con fuoco) 7) Immortals (Epico) 8) Thunderbolts (Moderato) special guest: Mistheria 9)Over the Olympus (Maestoso) special guest: Styx Synthmonster 10) Over the Olympus (Maestoso) (feat. Styx Synthmonster) bonus track

Very glad to be part of it with my Keytar solo on the song "Thunderbolts" available now for streaming! The album will be released later in 2018 by Diamonds Prod.


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