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Keytar Expression & Control

Keep vibrato and bending under control for top-class performances!

7 videos + add-ons

Lesson 1: Pitch Bend

Exhaustive Keytar Pitch Bend lesson. Pitch Bend is one of the greatest controllers to use when playing the Keytar. Get the full and precise control on the pitch bend for an expressive and memorable solo performance!


Includes: Pitch Song, Pitch Solo Slow Performance, Pitch Exercise, Pitch Song Explanation.

Includes: 4 video lessons (8 min), backing tracks, score, midifiles

Lesson 2: Safe Bending

Training for a precise bending control.


Includes: 2 video lessons (2min:15s), score, midifile.

Lesson 3: Special Pitch-Bend Techniques and Vibrato

Training for a precise bending control.


Includes: 1 video lessons (4m:22s).


Sheet music, midifiles, graphic files (9 files)

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